Andreas Grafen

»[…] just a regular everyday normal guy« from Germany who is working on design and code thingies – well, sometimes. Here is a little something about myself.

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More about me

Always quite keen on new challenges I spent the past years digging into design principles and web technologies. Since the world of the web is ever-evolving and I'm eager to learn I still keep a close eye on design trends and new tech.

In day-to-day life I create websites and webapps using HTML and Pug, CSS and SASS, and modern Javascript as well as frameworks like Vue and React. I also know my way around in CMS like Contenido or Wordpress. I love to challenge myself to find new ways to layout content in interesting and intricate ways – who wants to have boring websites, right? Besides frontend development I'm also interested in automating processes with the help of Python and Node; I sometimes even touch some PHP for server-side implementations.

Other than that I'm big into privacy and cyber security as those topic are some of the most relevant in our modern world, based on that I'm an avid Linux nerd. Outside the tech-space (or well… partly) I enjoy Video Games, some good music, or really just a good book.


A selective list of projects using different languages and principles I've been working on over the past couple of years. While they are not everything I have been working on, they are the ones I'm most proud of.

Cascade Preview

Cascade – a minimal userChome.css

Cascade is a Firefox Theme based on SimpleFox. The theme was known previously as »ag.proton« — but let's be honest: That sounds hella boring.

What you get is a really simple adaptive layout that works well with the new Proton UI. On larger window resolutions it will have a oneline layout which displays the URL bar and tab list next to each other. Smaller resultions will stack both UI elements on top of each other for better readability.

Check out Cascade on Github

My personal Website

That's the beauty you're currently visiting – My personal website is something that represents myself. It's a place where I can play around with different ideas and designs which probably is why it's usually due for a rework in a regular basis…

The current version was finished by pulling an all-nighter in early 2022. Let's see how long I'll be happy with this, or what little tweaks (or complete redesigns) I'll come up with in the future.

Who knows… maybe if you'll come back tomorrow things have already changed?

By the way: source code availbale

Firefox CSS Store

FirefoxCSS Store – all the userChrome

The Firefox CSS Store isn't trying to sell anything! It's a curated list of awesome Firexoy userChrome-themes made by the community. This includes Cascade btw!

Started back in early 2021 by Neikon, it quickly became apparent that there needs to be some custom frontend. That is where I come in building a simple responsive layout as well as dynamic data loading with good old Javascript.

Both the frontend and source code can be inspected

Catppuccin Colourscheme

Catppuccin — pastel colours for the masses

Catppuccin is a community-driven pastel theme that aims to be the middle ground between low and high contrast themes. It consists of a soothing warm palette with 22 eye-candy colours perfect for coding, designing, and much more!

Originally created by Pocco81; my contributions consist of various little tweaks of the colours themselves, as well as some ports for different apps. I also manage some of the community submissions.

Find out more on Github

Shortlink Preview

Shorter Links with PHP

A simple shortlink generator — like — written in PHP. This just exists because we had a funny domain (ヅ.xyz) on hand and no other idea what we could to with it. But everytime we have a short link for something it also smiles at you.

While the domain sadly isn't active anymore I still use the code on a different domain for private use.

Take a look at the source code

Discord Ninja

Ninja – a fun Discord-bot

Ninja is a simple Chatbot for Discord. It comes with quite a few commands since I used this project to get familiar with Python. It's basically a lot of API requests bundled up with a little bit of image manipulation and other basic Python stuff sprinkled in.

It was a really fun project, and the bot still brings joy to a couple small communities to this day. I also have some ideas for some more commands, but I haven't gotten around to actually implement then.

All the mess is avaible too